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Versalles Hotel Villas
Versalles Hotel
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Hotel Versalles is, to the east of the city, surrounded by harmonious tranquility. Recommended for families and groups.

Hotel Versalles on a hilltop in the residential section of Versalles, on the southern outskirts of Santiago, was refurbished at the end of 2007. A major draw is the lovely views north and west over the city and bay, and it gets the breezes. It's also quite handsome.

The driveway curls up to a gracious glass-walled lobby with Modernist peaked roof and handsome furnishings, setting a welcome tone. And the contemporary style restaurant is an elegant spot and has tremendous views through a wall of glass decorated with stained-glass.

The 72 guest quarters are in motel-style one-story units and bi-level villas arrayed in a quadrangle around a huge swimming pool and sundeck with separate kid's pool. These units are of red-brick, with walls of glass and sliding glass doors opening broad shady balconies and patios.

Interiors have terra-cotta tile floors, functional wooden furnishings, and modern bathrooms. Take an upper room for the raised ceilings. As with most tourist hotels, this one comes with satellite TV, phones, and refrigerators in all rooms, which are kept clean. And recently remodeled bathrooms have shower-tubs with modern fixtures.
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TV와 바(국제 방송 채널)
국내/ 국제 전화
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상점과 간단한 제공, 기념품과 선물
엔터테인머트 프로그램
의료 서비스
차 렌탈 데스크
컨퍼런스 홀
택시 데스크
테니스 코트
세부사항 Bungalow 객실
Superior rooms with air conditioning, private bathroom, balcony or terrace, safe deposit box, 110 and 220V, minibar, radio, telephone and satellite TV.
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세부사항 Cabana 객실
Standard rooms with air conditioning, private bathroom, safe deposit box, 110 and 220V, minibar, radio, telephone and satellite TV.
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세부사항 Family Room 객실
Description and facilities details coming soon.
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