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Front View of Pullman Hotel
Hotel Pullman Facade
Hotel Pullman Accommodation
Standard Room
Exterior Area
Exterior Area of Pullman Hotel
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호텔에 대하여 Hotel Islazul Pullman
해변 호텔
Looking like a small colonial-style palace, it stands out in Varadero given its special grace and the elegant shape of its walls. Marked by modernity and defined by aspects of other eras, from which it takes its quarried-stone exterior walls veneer and its semi-circled arches, this is a centrally located hotel just a few steps away from the seashore. Reassuring and easy to walk to and from, the Pullman exudes a friendly and quiet atmosphere with quality services and the guarantee of refined attention.

Its special position makes it an easy walk from your hotel to innumerable recreational facilities, nautical centers, optional agencies and extra-hotel amenities found in Varadero.
© 2009 Nigel Hunt
TV와 바(국제 방송 채널)
택시 데스크
세부사항 Standard 객실
The Hotel Pullman has 16 rooms with air conditioning, private bathroom, satellite TV and telephone.
© 2009 Nigel Hunt
룸 서비스
위성 TV
Guide to Varadero 바라데로
베라데로 해변은 마탄쟈스의 서쪽 쿠반 지방의 archipelago섬에서 아주 잘 되어진 곳이다.
그럼에도 불구 하고 Jardines del Rey 광관지에서는 경쟁이 아주 치열하다고 한다.

바라데로는 국제 파라 슈팅 센토와 골프 클럽 18홀의 72 프로페셔날 코스가 있는 곳이기도 하다.

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